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We support families and professionals impacted by child or adolescent on parent abuse.

“We were limited to where we could go because of his behaviour. He would accuse me of lying to him. He would wear me down and he would tell lies about me. If I asked him to brush his teeth, one day it would be ok, the next he would swear at me and refuse. He would spit at me, he punched holes in doors”

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Do you change how you parent for fear of what may happen?

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Are you in fear of your child?

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Capa (Child or Adolescent to Parent Abuse) is a ‘First Response’ service to families and professionals impacted by a child using harmful and/or aggressive behaviours  in the home.

In this instance ‘Parent’ is anyone taking on the caring responsibility for a child under the age of 18. We also support young people up to the age of 25 years if there is a neurodiverse diagnosis including ASD, ADHD or a learning disability.

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I contacted you in feb and you were a saviour when I needed to nip my daughters behaviour in the bud before it got worse . I’ve become a member of a dv survivor steering group and I wanted to check It would be ok to mention the service you gave and how helpful it was? I wanted say thankyou and how much u have helped me and how understanding and non judgemental you was. Just those 3 sessions helped me put strong boundaries In place and the importance of consequences lol. And it’s still working lol. And she is back in school.

Mum to a daughter who was refusing school

Thankyou for your support – my daughters behaviour is so different in the space of a few weeks she is pleasant, I am able to eat again, the house is just calmer. I am excited to spend some time with her. Her brother said, its so nice to see you calm and eating again mummy.

Mum to two children

It had been a hard decision to reach out for help and speak about my son’s behaviour. However, we had come to a point where we realised we needed help to manage this. Filling in the form was probably the hardest thing to do. Not knowing what to expect I had prepared a few questions and points I wanted to discuss. Jane was very friendly, approachable and supportive. The most valuable aspect was that I felt understood – someone ‘got’ what we were going through, without being judgemental. Jane offered constructive ideas of how to manage the difficult situations, as well as some valuable and understanding insight into the possible reasons for my child’s behaviour. If anyone is going through something similar, don’t hesitate to get in touch with CAPA – I really feel they know what they are talking about.

Parent to a 10 year old

The advice you provided has been amazing! The violence has reduced massively. The carpet 10 minutes has been a miracle, L is now asking to do it every night and we regularly go over the 10 mins as it’s been hilarious and fun.

I was desperate to be able to thank you again.

Parent to L, 6 years old

The advice has been amazing, thankyou. I had some really insightful and emotional conversations with my daughter, the violence has stopped and although we have a long way to go, I feel hopeful.


Thank you so much again for talking with me on Friday. All three sessions with you were absolutely amazing and better than any of the private therapy sessions I had before! Your compassionate approach to family conflicts, where everyone’s feelings are validated for what they are, will always guide me in the right direction.

parent to a 19 year old with additional needs

My sons mother has just felt blamed for how our son is behaving, for the first time I have had strategies and they have made a huge difference to our lives. Since putting into place what we spoke about the violence has all but stopped, his behaviour at school has noticeably calmed down and now his teachers are saying what a delight he is. I spoke to Social services and they are not longer holding a meeting to put him on the child protection register. I can’t thankyou enough and I feel like my son and I are having fun together, belly laughing and connecting.

Parent to a 6 year old
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Working with families? Join us for our next training day and find out more about 'Child to Parent Abuse' and how we can best support the whole family when a child is using aggressive behaviour in the home. Find out more and book via eventbrite:

We had our first EVER full team day, with theme of #connection! For many of us it was the first time we had met anyone on the team in person, there really is nothing better than putting our heads together around the same table! #teammeeting #capa #capva

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