1 Day Training for Professionals

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Overview: This course aims to enhance understanding and awareness of CAPVA and is designed for front-line practitioners supporting families wishing to develop their ability to respond with confidence and compassion.

Course Highlights: Led by an expert in the field of CAPVA, our sessions cover risk factors that contribute to CAPVA,  family dynamics and impact, communication strategies and practical tools to support families. 

Interactive Sessions: Collaborate with fellow professionals, share experiences, discuss challenges and develop innovative approaches to stop aggression in the home.



  1. Increased Understanding:  Gain a comprehensive understanding of CAPVA, its definitions, and its implications.

  2. Exploring Underlying Causes: Investigate the root causes of this behaviour in children and adolescents, including psychological, social, and environmental factors.

  3. Strategies: Learn and apply practical strategies to help reduce aggressive & harmful behaviour in the home.

  4. Safety Planning: Understand the critical elements of safety planning to protect all family members.

  5. Narrative: Explore methods to shift the family dynamic and narrative towards a healthier, more supportive environment.

  6. Raising Awareness: Increase awareness about the prevalence and impact of CAPVA within communities and professional networks.

  7. Networking and Skills Exchange: Build connections with other professionals and exchange skills and knowledge relevant to addressing CAPVA..

  8. Impact of Neuro Diversity Discuss the effects of secondary diagnoses, such as neurodiverse conditions, on CPA and family interactions.


By the end of this training, professionals will be better equipped to identify, understand, and address CAPVA, ensuring safer home environments.

“Excellent, loved this course,. I am excited to see the families I am working with and put what we learnt into place”

“WoW! This was very useful training I really enjoyed it. Jam-packed with knowledge, advice and tools. Brilliant”

What parents have said about our support:

“Since working with Capa my relationship with my son has improved immeasurably. I was in despair before I began and counting the years till he left home, I felt like a total failure. Now, I am more mindful of when to walk away, what to do to improve things between us, and how to keep things moving forward. What Capa has given me apart from a listening ear is strategies and also most importantly hope.”



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