Why should I train with Capa First Response?

What makes us different from any other training provider? Well, in short the amount of experience that Jane, our CEO has in this field.

Training with Capa provides unrivalled expertise and experience in working with families, particularly in tackling the complexities of ‘Child to Parent Violence and Abuse’ (CAPVA). Founded by Jane, who played a pivotal role in the original CAPVA programme in the UK, our training benefits from an evidence-based approach and is internationally recognised for its consultancy and training prowess.

With over 30 years of experience specifically focusing on family dynamics, 19 years devoted to addressing violence within families, and 15 years of direct collaboration with both families and professionals, Jane offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics at play and the most effective strategies to support parents and young people.

Our specialised training in this behaviour area, spanning over 15 years, ensures that attendees of our training events, whether in person or online, receive cutting-edge strategies and interventions that can be implemented immediately with families.

Grounded in attachment theory, pro-social modelling theory, and neuroscience, Capa’s methodology is not only comprehensive but, more importantly, proven effective. We have furthered our impact and supported our mission by training numerous organisations across the UK, cementing our position as a leader in addressing CAPVA and supporting families.

To facilitate learning, we offer a podcast series, organise networking events, and provide advice and support sessions, supervision, and consultancy services. Reach out to Jane to discuss your training requirements: Jane@capafirstresponse.org.uk

Visit our info page for Professionals to find out more about each training type we offer, as well as our networking events, and listen to our podcast episodes here. You can view upcoming training dates here on EventBrite.



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