The importance of Connection at Capa First Response

October 17, 2023

Connection is so important to us at Capa First Response.

‘After creating a virtual team, and working this way for over 12 months  you can’t beat getting everyone in one space and spending the day connecting face to face. Travelling from all over the UK it was incredible to see how everyone came together so naturally to celebrate  their role and worth within the team and acknowledge what we have achieved for the families that have reached out to us for support. Capa aims to reach more families in the next 12 months, expand the team and look to get together face to face more often in the future. Thank you everyone for everything you do for Capa and our community’.  – Jane, CEO

The whole Capa First Response team met up in person for the first time ever, and had an amazing day of connecting, planning, reviewing and sparking ideas for the future of Capa First Response and the families and professionals we help. The day included our AGM, but it was so much more than that!  Jane, our CEO, brought together her core team as well as the board of directors at the picturesque Emmaus venue so that we could meet, talk in person and really connect to the rest of the team – most of us only ever see the others on a laptop screen and it made such a difference to be able to bounce ideas off each other, get to know each other and just be in the same room at the same time!

connection day capa first response

Connection is vital for us when working with families, it is such a vital part of communication between family members, and between the family and their practitioner too. To open up about a situation that you might not normally speak freely about is hard, so it’s vital to build a connection with us so we can help you as much as possible. Having support as a family can be emotionally challenging, as it will involve discussing difficult and emotional topics. A strong connection with your practitioner will strengthen emotional support for all family members during these difficult conversations and help to cope with  feelings more easily.

Another reason that connection is important to us at Capa is with the professionals who come to our advice and support sessions, or sign up to our training days. By connecting with them we can find out what families are going through, spot patterns and behaviours and adapt our training and advice to suit their needs. We also rely on connections in our bi-yearly networking events too – after all connecting with people is how we discover new experts to invite along as guest speakers, and we encourage people to make professional connections during the breakout rooms too!

Life would be very different, and far harder if we don’t make the most out of making meaningful connections with those around us, be it family, friends, colleagues or people we only connect with in passing.

What does connection mean to you?

connection day


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