Dr Vicky Baker – Hearing from young people

February 7, 2024

You may have spotted that our ‘word for the year’ is COMMUNITY, and to ensure we really do keep this at the forefront in our work we recently hosted a free networking event (online, so people could join regardless of location!) for professionals who work with families who are/may experience CAPA.  The event has now taken place, but we’re sharing a recording for anyone who couldn’t join us, which you can watch below.

Our guest speaker for this event was Dr Vicky Baker, a lecturer on gender based violence at Manchester Met. The area we discussed was based on Victoria’s research ‘Adolescent to Parent violence – hearing from the young people themselves’ Thai presentation included how Young people viewed this behaviour and the complexities behind it. Listening the the voices of the young people was incredibly powerful and included:

“And the last straw, ‘cos I ran out of the house afterwards, I smashed her head against the wall” (Penelope, 17 years)
“I was just screamin’ for hours, callin’ her [mother] names, tellin’ her how disgusting she is, tellin’ her how much she failed.” (Jodea, 17 years)

The young people also spoke about what they felt was behind the behaviour and included:

“The first time I think it [violence] happened was that she took my phone off me… so I tried taking hers? ‘Cos like… if you’re gonna take my phone, then I’m just gonna take yours then…”
(Ruth, 18 years)
“One example would be when we had our mock [exams] going on, so it was really stressful at that time. Had a lot going on with friends at that time. And me and my mum
clashed over something and I got quite violent and I was like punching, kicking… And I smashed her head against the wall”. (Penelope, 17 years)

Helping us think about the causes, contexts and motivations around this behaviour is vital in order for us to support families to change what is happening. We’d like to thank Vicky for giving us her time and knowledge. The feedback was great, and we’ve shared a few comments below:

  • It was interesting hearing the voice of the child which is so often missing.
  • Amazing session, very well hosted and great presentation – engaging speaker
  • I really appreciated the event, it was reaffirming for the work we are doing, and highlighted some helpful learning points for our practice too. It also reinforced the need for CAPVA training in outside agencies/ schools/ local authorities and i hope we can continue to spread the word
  • It was a brilliant event. The insight and research findings from the voices of the young people around causes, contexts and motivations was really useful and will keep this in mind in delivering interventions.

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