The National Lottery Community Fund

Capa First Response gains further funding from The National Lottery Community Fund to continue to support families experiencing child/adolescent to parent abuse.  February 2023

Capa First Response is a remote resource for families, offering a 1 2 1 service tailored to each family’s situation. They offer support and advice, for both the adults and the children, with the focus on putting in place strategies to reduce harmful, explosive and controlling impulses, often referred to as abusive and violent behaviour in the home. 

Founded by Jane Griffiths in 2019 with an aim to provide support options for families who struggle to find help in their local area, Capa First Response has expanded over time to work not just with families in need but also to train professionals working with families to allow more people access to help in this vital area. Jane has over 30 years of experience working with families. For the past 11 years Jane has worked specifically with families where a child uses harmful behaviours towards a parent or caregiver.  violence and abuse towards a parent or caregiver. 

In May 2021 Capa First Response received a grant from National Lottery Community Fund, which helped grow the service at a time when we were seeing heightened levels of reported violence in homes, not helped by a global pandemic meaning many families were stuck at home with tensions often rising. The highly specialised team  can put together action plans and offer advice to help families with children up to aged eighteen, or up to the age of twenty five when there is a secondary diagnosis. During their first year of funding Capa First Response helped over 250 families.

This year Capa First Response is celebrating being an extension of funding to continue to support parents and children who need their support. With National Lottery Funding being granted for another three years there will be more expert support available, more free help for families, a shorter waiting list and a more awareness of what ‘Child to Parent Abuse’ is and who it affects. Not only that but there is a new website in the works too, to ensure that information is easy to find, and services simple to book.

Over the next three years Capa is aiming to offer over 600 individual 121 sessions and offer over 1000 advice and support sessions; these will help families achieve happier, more harmonious experiences at home. Training will also be a big focus too, with over 16 sessions planned each year, providing over 550 professionals working with families all over the UK with advice and guidance on how to give more tailored advice to parents and carers experiencing abuse and violence towards them from their children.

“Capa are offering a great service, especially at the moment where there are limited options of help available. They were friendly, supportive and very understanding.”

Parent comment

Depending on each situation a combination of approaches can be used to ensure that the family feels supported and confident on their journey for a more harmonious environment between family members. The length of support varies case to case, and  is determined by the family’s needs. 

“Thankyou for your support – my daughter’s behaviour is so different in the space of a few weeks. She is pleasant, I am able to eat again, the house is just calmer. I am excited to spend some time with her. Her brother said, it’s so nice to see you calm and eating again mummy”

Parent email after counselling session



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