Nurturing Inclusivity: Capa First Response Partners with Autism and ADHD Specialist

December 3, 2023

At Capa First Response, we are continuously evolving to meet the unique needs of the families we support. Today, we are excited to announce a ground-breaking collaboration between our senior practitioner, Matt Rider, and Dr. Annie Clements(Hons) of This collaboration is not just about partnership; it’s about gaining better knowledge, skills, and support to enrich our ability to support parents and carers experiencing harmful and aggressive behaviours in the home from their children, with a special focus on neurodivergent individuals within these families (both children and parents)

This is a sensitive issue, and when neurodivergence is a factor, it requires an even more specialised approach. Matt’s wealth of experience in family support aligns seamlessly with Annies’ expertise in autism and ADHD. This collaboration represents a commitment to elevating our collective expertise, ensuring that our team is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to address the specific challenges faced by neurodivergent families.

Our commitment to providing specialised services extends beyond our organisation. By collaborating with external experts like Annie & her team, we are embracing a multi-agency approach that leverages collective knowledge and resources for the benefit of the community we serve. This collaboration is not just about us—it’s about building connections within the broader community. We believe that by strengthening these connections, we can amplify the impact of all of our efforts and create a more supportive environment for families facing harmful and/or aggressive behaviours in the home within the context of a neurodivergent household.

At Capa First Response, our journey is marked by a commitment to growth, understanding, and specialised service. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to providing families with neurodivergence a service that goes beyond standard support. Together, we are building bridges, connecting experts, and working towards a future where every family receives the specialised care they deserve.

Follow Annie on Facebook & Instagram as well as visiting her site which is full of helpful resources. Matt, our diversity lead, speaks about the partnership too in this short video:


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