Podcast S1 Ep6: More About CAPA & Q and A

For our final episode of our first series we’re chatting about lots of different things related to ‘Child Against Parent Aggression’, including talking more about the terms and language we use; validation, regulation, the difference between rules and boundaries etc.

A massive thanks to everyone who has tuned in, we hope to be back in your ears with a second series soon – we’re planning on inviting guests who are experts in their field to join us so watch (or rather, listen!) to this space! Any feedback would be very welcome too, you can leave a comment/rating or email us at info@capafirstresponse.org with PODCAST in the subject!

Our Vision: To stop harmful and/or aggressive behaviour in the home from a child or adolescent towards a parent or caregiver; For no parent or caregiver to feel alone in their experience  and for whole families to have access to the support they need to improve their family situation.

Our mission: To facilitate development of a nation-wide network of consistent, accessible, quality support for families, and to raise awareness amongst families and professionals around children/adolescents who use harmful and/or aggressive behaviour towards a parent/carer.

You can find out more about us, what we do on our page for parents/families and for professionals. 

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