The CAPA Podcast Wraps Up First Season with Exciting Plans for the Future

After the successful release of six full length episodes plus a bonus intro, “The CAPA Podcast – Understanding Child Against Parent Aggression” by Capa First Response CIC has received praise for its insightful discussions and empathetic approach towards the critical issue of ‘Child against Parent Violence/Abuse’ that affects families and professionals alike.

Hosted by Jane, founder and CEO, Senior Practitioner Matt and Helen Bonnick, author of “Child to Parent Violence and Abuse: A Practitioner’s Guide to Working with Families,” the podcast delves into various aspects of CAPA with empathy and expertise. From school refusal to sibling dynamics and neurodiversity, each episode provides invaluable support and guidance to families navigating these challenges, as well as professionals working in the field. Peaking at an incredible #4 slot on the UK ‘not for profit’ charts, and in the top #200 in the same charts in the USA it’s clear people found our podcast a helpful and useful listen.

Reflecting on the journey of creating the podcast, Jane expressed her excitement, stating, “It was great to finally record our podcast season. Matt and I had spoken for months about recording our conversations, and when we got the opportunity to do this, we jumped at the chance. Helen came on board to add her experience and knowledge,  recording them felt like sitting around the kitchen table having a chat – we hope anyone listening gets the feeling they are dropping in on our conversations. We tried to keep them jargon-free and talk about our most asked questions.”

Matt echoed Jane’s sentiments, emphasising the passion behind their conversations, “This podcast was born from the conversations Jane and I would have about our work with families. Sometimes we’d have a quick check-in and look up and realise we had got carried away and had been chatting for half an hour! We are so passionate about our work and hoped that letting others ‘listen in’ on our conversations would be useful, interesting, and enlightening for them. And we knew if we wanted that to be the case, then asking the ever-insightful Helen Bonnick to join would definitely help with that! We were so glad she agreed to join us. We had a great time making it and are looking forward to welcoming some guests for Season 2!”

As the podcast wraps up its first season, it has left a lasting impact on its listeners, including Al Coates, presenter of The Adoption and Fostering podcast, who emphasised the importance of these open conversations, stating, “We need to have conversations that are nuanced and reflect the complexity of the issues faced by many families. This podcast starts that conversation with knowledgeable and experienced practitioners who understand the issues and the challenges faced by parents, carers, and children. It’s a must-listen for any professional supporting families living with children whose behaviour can be aggressive, challenging, or violent.”

Looking towards the future, Jane expressed enthusiasm for the next season, stating, “I am thrilled at how well they have been received and looking forward to what comes next – we hope to invite guest speakers for the next season – keeping our chats as informal and accessible as we can.” If you’re someone who would like to help us make season two happen with financial support, or as an expert guest please get in touch! 

“The CAPA Podcast – Understanding Child Against Parent Aggression” has sparked meaningful conversations and created a supportive community for families and professionals. Whether you’re seeking solace as a parent or striving to deepen your professional knowledge, this podcast serves as an essential resource. 

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