BBC RADIO 4: ‘The Trouble with Parenting’

Capa First Response CIC proudly announces its participation in BBC Radio 4’s ‘File On Four’ program titled ‘The Trouble with Parenting‘  that aired on March 5th, 2024, and is now available for streaming via the BBC Sounds app. The episode, produced and presented by Jo Glanville, delves into the distressing reality of child/adolescent to parent abuse (CAPA) and the profound impact it has on families.

The program shares the harrowing story of “Maria,” who found herself in A&E after being assaulted by her 11-year-old child, and other parents. While instances of children displaying rudeness or occasional defiance towards parents are not uncommon, CAPA represents a pattern of behaviour that can manifest as early as three years old and escalate into unmanageable violence by the teenage years.

Many parents, like Maria, suffer in silence, grappling with shame and fear of seeking help due to concerns about potential repercussions such as their child being taken into care or facing criminalization. Consequently, CAPA remains a hidden crisis within society, and is highly stigmatised, something with Capa First Response CIC are working to reduce. 

The episode spotlights the urgent need for recognition and support for families affected by CAPA, prompting the government to prioritise the issue with a consultation aimed at establishing a unified definition. Through interviews with parents, practitioners, and researchers, the program delves into the complex dynamics of family life when a child becomes violent, advocating for comprehensive support mechanisms to address the root causes of such behaviour.

Jane Griffiths, founder of Capa First Response CIC was honoured to be featured in this crucial conversation, aligning with our mission to raise awareness and provide assistance to families impacted by CAPA. Other organisations highlighted in the program include Family Lives, Talk Listen Change, and Holes in the Wall, which holds a wealth of information and resources from Helen Bonnick, who is a patron of Capa First Response CIC.

As an organisation committed to fostering understanding and resilience, Capa First Response CIC encourages listeners to access the episode on BBC Sounds and explore the wealth of support available through the organisations mentioned.

For more information on Capa First Response CIC and how we help families please read our About page and our page for families along with tuning in to the The Capa Podcast – Understanding Child Against Parent Aggression which launched in February.

Listen to the podcast via our YouTube channel:


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